Getting Mobile

Out and about with my new backpack.

Show me a photographer that doesn't have more than one backpack, and I will ... well, you know, you just can't. Some carrying cases are used until they fall apart, and some are in pristine condition, languishing in the closet. They are not cheap, so it is important to assess what is going to work for your needs, habits, equipment, and fitness before you add to the collection.

Several years ago, I hit the "Escarpment" for a day of photographing, anything that caught my eye. Just to be prepared, I brought along a lot of gear (in case I saw something), and when I dragged my tired body home, I curiously weighed my pack. Thirty pounds! I was exhausted and ached for days. Now that I am older, and a bit wiser, I needed to figure out what would best suit my current situation.

After many hours searching the internet, reading reviews, and checking prices, I arrived at the BackLight® 18Litre Photo Daypack. This product is from thinkTank. You can check it out at Interesting feature is access from the back, i.e. the padded part that is against your back.

It is only 18 litres capacity, so the kitchen sink will not fit! The construction is solid, zippers are great, and the support straps, including waist belt, are nicely padded and adjustable.


Front Extra pockets and attach points for additional gear (extra cards, batteries, windshirt etc.)


Back Comfortable padding that breaths in the hot weather.

Support System

Support Well padded straps with solid buckles and really smooth zippers.

Layout Partitions

Layout Ready for anything. Flexible velcro dividers.

What's in my Bag?

What's in my Bag
What's in my Bag
  • Nikon Z7ii Body
  • Nikkor PF 500mm
  • Nikkor 24 - 70mm
  • Nikkor 70 - 200mm
  • 2 Teleconverters
  • 3 LegedThing Tripod

This kit weighed in at about 20 pounds. I would offer a selfie with it on my back, but you really don't want to see that. The fit is comfy and remarkably slim (width wise).

As usual, I am available to answer any of your questions about my Blog posts. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with fellow photographers. Take care.