What is going on at Facebook? Be aware!

Every day, 1.73 Billion users are active on the Facebook ecosystem. Facebook’s core products – which include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger have 2.60 Billion members. Ad revenue in Q1 2020 was $17.44 Billion U.S dollars. What could go wrong?

Well if anything does go awry, FB is very bad at providing help. They do not have a phone number to consult with real people. They do not have an email address that one can expect results in response to queries.

Even when FB makes a mistake, you are unable to get assistance. For example, an acquaintance was informed that their account was now Disabled - because of age restrictions - this to a septuagenarian who had been a customer for at least a decade. So what to do? Ask "Dr. Google". Turns out, this user is in good company. 135,000 (yes Thousand) FB accounts are facing similar circumstances - Acct is suspended, all photos, contacts, messages etc. are gone! No way to recover.

So if you are going to be a Facebooker, make sure you have backup of anything that is important to you, such as shared photographs and messages. Communications with friends should include your keeping a record of additional ways to contact them, via email or phone. If you have a Business Page, again, find an alternative lest it get blocked by FB. You can not rely on just FB to be your Contact database.

Facebook obviously provides a phenomenal service - for free - but its disregard for basic trouble fixing is a much larger problem than most folks are aware, and there appears to be nothing one can do about it. Keep in mind, the FB User is in fact the product that is being sold to the advertisers, so it's not really free.