Technical Advice for Photographers and Computer Users

My main interests are in Digital Photography and in Computer Hardware and Software. I am an Accredited member of The Professional Photographers of Canada. Besides my photography, I develop and maintain several web sites. The fun part is always having an opportunity to learn new skills.

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This web site will provide insights into the tools that I have found effective, None of the products mentioned sponsor me, but I have found them to be up to the required tasks and am willing to share my experiences with you. Enjoy.

Why Kiosk - 42

Kiosk is a kind of Booth! - 42 is the ASCII code for *, ie everything.

What's in my Bag?

My Kit

  • These Cameras and Processing Tools allow me to make photographs and edit and print them.
  • The Software Programs provide tools to develop Websites.

As with most sophisticated devices, it takes time, and sometimes, rather steep learning curves to become proficient. I will gladly help you by sharing my experiences. You will notice that I have included hot links to each product above.


Bill Booth
90 Mary Street
New Liskeard, ON. P0J 1P0


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