Probus March 18th Blog

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PROBUS Members

We are by definition a gregarious group. That is why we joined PORBUS in the first place. Now we are forced to hunker down and isolate ourselves from groups, friends, and family. It may be a long stretch before this clears. Please take all the necessary precautions and keep safe.

Many of you will be spending more time with your computers. For me, hooray, and for much of the rest of you, whatever. Given the extra time available, here are some suggestions to help pass the time.


It’s always a good time to backup your computer/tablet/smartphone. There are tons of online services available, and if you want to stay in complete control, do in-house backups to an external hard drive. Need a drive? Try Staples or Amazon for inexpensive solutions.


Not the Covid variety, but the malicious kind that can really mess up your day. Stick with the well known anti-virus programs and do a scan say once a week. Some of the bad guys are after money, but some are just vandals that can ruin your computing experience. Most of all, use your head when it comes to clicking on a link or replying to an email from sources unknown.

Amazon Delivery:

The convenience and speed of deliveries from companies like Amazon has truly changed our lives. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus can “live” on a package for days. After opening your new treasure, get rid of the box and wash your hands thoroughly.

Clean Computer/phone Surfaces:

Search online for recommendations on how to clean and disinfect your electronic devices. Careful with sprays and abrasive cleaners. You have the time to do some research on this matter. Don’t risk destroying your monitor or phone screen by using the wrong cleaner. Microfibre cloth works well.


Check your Email, Voicemail, and Facebook accounts regularly. The kids and grandkids are not going to just drop in (or at least they shouldn’t). Again, be cautious of scams with your online accounts. I also find that a phone call still works the best.

Tech Help:

As usual, I am always available to give assistance on technical issues. If I can help, I will. If I just don’t know the solution, I will redirect you to an appropriate resource. Keep safe.

Bill Booth