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All about Backups

When we used to meet for Computer Group, the first and last thing I asked was “Have you done your backups lately”. … well?

It was then, and remains now, critical that you have a copy of your important stuff. With to-day’s laptops, the hard drive can not be removed, i.e. swapped out for a newer, bigger, faster version. If you spill water into your computer, you are likely to fry the electronics, including your hard drive. Your data could be totally irretrievable, or at best, retrieved at a substantial cost. BACKUP!

The good news is that there is lots of cloud space available at a reasonable price, and the price of external hard drives is very attractive. A major consideration with cloud backup is the time required to upload your data. The best upload speed you are going to get is about 10 Mbps (compared to your download speed which may well over 150 Mbps). Consider using an external hard drive. Transfer speeds are fast enough to do a complete backup in less than 30 minutes. On my 1TB MacBook Pro, Carbon Copy Cloner can create a complete copy of the hard drive. In fact, I had to use a Backup file just last week to recover a data file that I had over-written in error.

You do not really need to backup program files, but make sure you have separate records of your registrations in case they have to be reloaded.